The Wheel Pizza and Sub Shop Review – Antigonish – Nova Scotia – Canada

The Wheel is an Antigonish institution.  It is a Pizza and Sub Shop that has been there for years and regularly fills the bellies of drunken college students.  Antigonish is a university town nestled on the east coast of Canada and is home to one of the best undergraduate universities in the country – St. Francis Xavier University, also known by students and locals simply as ‘X’.

X is a great place to go to university.  There are small classes, a great residence rivalry with such events as BURMAC, passionate lecturers, and of course – a strong party scene.  Antigonish is a rich community that homes professionals, students and not much else, but considering the size of the town, there is a fairly strong food culture and some great restaurants to support the demand for quality dishes.

The wheel is not a great restaurant, but rather a calling.  As one of my former residence dwellers so gracefully put it “you go to the pub and somehow at the end of the night everybody ends up at The Wheel with a big slab of greasy pizza.”  And that’s how it was.  I don’t know if its actually good food or it may be the romanticized idea of memories that appeals to me still, but every time I visit Antigonish I make sure I stop in The Wheel for a slice, a donair burger or a super-sub.

The pizza is different than anything I’ve had anywhere else.  It is smothered in mozzarella cheese that takes up about a centimeter of pizza real-estate.  Under the cheese are the toppings of choice and it’s usually topped by the locals with sweet donair sauce.  It’s kind of disgusting, quite greasy, very sloppy, but oh so damn satisfying.  Other options from the menu are the donair burger that is layered with lots of thin slices of donair meet or the oven baked super subs that are crispy and topped with melted cheese and tangy pickles.

This place is definitely a guilty pleasure that X students obsess over.  It is a greasy pizza joint that is family owned and has been around forever.  They haven’t changed over the years and they continue to service students and professionals and they continue to stick to their age-old recipes.  I love the place.


The Wheel Pizza and Sub Shop

382 Main St, Antigonish, NS B0H 1X0, Canada

Phone:+1 902-863-4565


Atmosphere 5/10

Service 7/10

Food Quality 4/10

Presentation 5/10

Satisfaction 9/10

Total: 60%

Wheel Pizza & Sub Shop‎ on Urbanspoon

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