Seamstress Review – Melbourne – Australia

My wife and I recently dined at Seamstress located in Melbourne’s CBD.  We had been given a gift certificate for Christmas from some close friends of ours who highly recommended the place.  Seamstress is an Asian fusion restaurant famous for their brussels sprouts, of all things.

We decided to dine mid-week, which if you are a serious about eats, is the best time to eat out.  Restaurants are less busy, cooks have time to focus on what their doing and restaurants generally want to impress.  The mid-week diner is one who dines for the experience of dining and one who cares about their food, unlike the weekend diner who often goes out for social or other reasons.  Weekday diners are adventurous and are willing to further than the meat and veg or seafood special.

When we arrived, we were the only people in the restaurant.  It was nice to have our own private dining room.  An enthusiastic server who seemed genuinely excited to help us through our selections seated us.  He was friendly, professional and really quite good.

We decided to go for a banquette style meal and ordered an array of dishes to try.  We ordered the grilled edamame, soft-shell crab with siracha mayonnaise, seared sea scallops and smoked trout on apple slaw, tom yum steamed muscles with house made naan, prawns with a side of dumplings, crispy skin salmon with black rice and the infamous brussels sprouts – based on our servers suggestion.

The edamame soon arrived at our table, and even though this was a simple appetiser, it was delicious.  The seared grill marks on the edamame helped bring out their natural flavours and it was laden with a sharp and coarse sea-salt.  Salty, savory goodness that I couldn’t get enough of.  It was a great way to start our meal and had me watering at the mouth for the upcoming courses.

Each dish was brought out to share and our server did an excellent job of pacing our food.  The kitchen staff timed each dish perfectly and the meal flowed flawlessly.

The subsequent dishes were all high test, quality plates presented to please the senses.  The apple complimented our seared scallops, our soft-shell crab was hot and crispy and the crispy skinned salmon was moist on the inside and crispy on the out. Overall is was a very good meal and I left incredibly satisfied.

The only disappointment was their famous brussels sprouts.  They were very salty, but not in a ‘can’t get enough’ fashion.  Some salty things are craving worthy – these were not.  They just tasted as if they had been cooked in soy sauce and that was the only flavour profile I could identify.  I couldn’t even taste brussels sprout in the dish consisting primarily of brussels sprouts – strange.  The flavour was overpowering and it was the only dish that we didn’t finish. Its a bit odd to hide the predominant ingredients flavour in a signature dish.

Overall Seamstress is a good restaurant that offers the option to try a lot of different dishes in one sitting.  The food was mostly very enjoyable and the service was very professional.  Our meal at Seamstress was very satisfying.









113 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone:(03) 9663 6363

Atmosphere 7/10

Service 9/10

Food Quality 7/10

Presentation 7/10

Satisfaction 8/10

Total: 76%

Seamstress on Urbanspoon

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