Flower Drum Review – Melbourne – Australia

Flower Drum Review

The Flower Drum is a Melbourne institution that has been pushing out high end Cantonese cuisine for the past 40 years. They have been, and continue to be awarded for their food, high standards and unprecedented service – so it goes without saying that I was excited to try this 3-Hatted Melbourne restaurant.

The thing about the Flower Drum that sets it apart is their impeccable service. This restaurant still has tableside service, multiple servers per patron and an old world feel that can’t be replicated. The dining room is divided into sections where there is a headwaiter that oversees individual table waiters, so no table or empty glass is overlooked.

Restaurants which hold the covenant 3-Hat ranking in Melbourne are Attica, Vue du Monde and Flower Drum, which is much more affordable than the other two. It is still expensive, but not outrageously so. There are many less awarded restaurants in this town that would cost you more for a meal.

We decided to visit this establishment during lunch and I opted for the multi course option; Wonton Soup, Quail Sang Choi Bao, Peking Duck Pancakes, Steamed Bass Groper Fillet, Crispy Skinned Chicken, Grain Fed Eye Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce and I finished with Battered Deep Fried Bananas, Coffee and House Made Almond Cookies. It was a filling lunch. I washed this all down with an Australian Pinot Noir.

The food was good, but not mind-blowing. I couldn’t pick any flaws in any of the dishes, but I expected more from such an established institution. The Quail was my favorite dish on the day because it was bursting with flavor and incredibly fresh, but some of the other dishes like the Wonton Soup or Dessert were not up to the standard they needed to be and were frankly disappointing. The ingredients were all top-shelf and the dishes were well put together, but there was no wow factor that I anticipated for one of Melbourne’s most awarded restaurant.


Flower Drum, Melbourne

The Awards - Flower Drum

Flower Drum - Melbourne

Wine and Chilli

S & P

Wonton Soup

Peking Duck

Flower Drum

Quail Sang Choi Bao

Crispy Skin Chicken and Eye Fillet

Table side service

Deep Fried Banana

House Made Almond Cookies

Flower Drum

Telephone: +61 3 9662 3655

Facsimile: +61 3 9663 5199

17 Market Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Opening Hours:
Lunch: Monday – Saturday,
Noon to 3 PM

Dinner: Monday – Saturday,
6PM to 11PM
Sunday til 10:30 PM


Atmosphere 7/10
Service 10/10
Food Quality 8/10
Presentation 7/10
Satisfaction 8/10
Total: 80%

Flower Drum on Urbanspoon


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