Heirloom Review – Melbourne – Australia

Heirloom Review – Melbourne, Australia

Heirloom is a Japanese Izakaya and Sake Bar, serving modern Japanese cuisine with a decent range of sake to match.  They are located in Melbourne’s CBD and host breakfast, lunch, bar and dinner menus with the option of even sitting in their sake bar and eating sushi based on the chef’s recommendations.  In addition to an up-scale dinner and sushi menu, Heirloom offers a very competitive lunch menu at $14.50 for a daily set menu.  At this price point they have been able to offer upscale cuisine at everyday prices.

The restaurant itself is modern and definitely has a trendy feel to it.  The serving staff are professional and they seem to have a regular lunch clientele that frequent for their daily offerings.  I couldn’t pass up this eating opportunity so I decided to opt for their Monday offering – Ooebi Ten-Don (king prawn & vegetable tempura, salad and miso soup).

The wait wasn’t too long and as soon as my dish arrived I was immediately impressed.  I expected a sort of haute cuisine and to leave hungry for that price, but was pleasantly surprised.  I was presented with two large tempura king prawns with salad and miso soup.  This is the sort of portion that I’d expect from a cheap noodle joint in Chinatown, but not in a reputable joint like Heirloom.  In addition to the sheer size of the portion, the food was good.  The prawns were hot out of the oil and fresh, the miso was satisfyingly salty but not overpowering and the salad helped balance out the meal by presenting a fresh component to the dish.  I thought it was a damn good meal, especially for the price and I’d definitely go again.

Heirloom - Melbourne, Australia


Ooebi Ten-Don (King Prawn Tempura Don)


131 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

(+61) 3 9639 1296

Enquiry: info@heirloom.com.au
Bookings: bookings@heirloom.com.au
Functions: functions@heirloom.com.au


Atmosphere 7/10
Service 7/10
Food Quality 8.5/10
Presentation 7.5/10
Satisfaction 9/10
Total: 78%

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    • If was quite good and you should definitely check out this country and its food scene. It has quite the buzz about it at the moment and the food is really quite spectacular.

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