Lakeside Restaurant Review – Sanctuary Lakes Resort – Australia

Lakeside Restaurant Review

The Lakeside Restaurant is located on the manmade Sanctuary Lakes Resort. The restaurant overlooks the lake and is the one of the only dining options within the community. The Lakeside Restaurant is attempting to be an upper-class dining establishment, but have significantly missed the mark.

The night I went I started with the garlic break and followed with the steak special consisting of a beef medallion with peppercorn sauce, a side of roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli and tomatoes. The steak was overcooked and incredibly tough, suggesting a poor cut of meat. The veggies also lacked freshness and it was evident that the food was of low quality and tasted as if they were mass-produced.

In addition to low quality products, the food was poorly prepare and overpriced.  The restaurant is trying to be a find dining establishment, but are catering to a pub going crowd.  It seems as if they are in a state of confusion and could use an overhaul for their menu and food production.

Lakeside Restaurant

Garlic Bread

Steak and Rosted Veg

Lakeside Restaurant

Greg Norman Drive

Sanctuary Lakes, Victoria


Atmosphere 5/10

Service 6/10

Food Quality 2/10

Presentation 5/10

Satisfaction 1/10

Total: 37%

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