Luxembourg Bistro – St. Kilda – Australia

Luxembourg Bistro – St. Kilda – Australia

On Thursday, May 30th Zomato along with The Luxombourg Bistro in St. Kilda teamed up to host a group of Melbourne Food Bloggers to an offal feast of epic proportions. For the evening, we were at the hand of Chef Chris Watson and his interpretation of offal in a true nose to tail approach to cooking and dining.

We met at the beautiful Luxembourg Bistro to dine on 4 courses of offal. We started with oysters natural, potatoe skins with cod roe and stuffed olives. Secondly we were enticed with an interpretation of mouth melting bone marrow and rich foie gras.  For our third course we dined on tripe and sows ears. To finish we had a range of sweets which including rhubarb, ice-cream and poached pears.  Each course was paired with a well matched wine that complimented our fare.

Chris Watson and his team prepared and presented the offal beautifully. Their decisions made sense and the food had purpose. The well chosen ingredients complemented each other in a way that rose the offal to a fine dining standard. Even the tripe, that I previously found difficult to eat, melted in my mouth and took on the flavours of the dish – rich spice and sausage. It was delicious.

This is the way offal should be eaten. The ingredients were respected and each dish showcased the main component without hiding its true taste or complexity. Chris Watson and his team should be commended for a stand out performance.

On this night we ate a special experimental menu, but some of the dishes can be regularly found on the Luxembourg Bistros daily offerings. With their complex flavour profiles and stand out performance, I’m hoping that some of these offal dishes can make a more regular appearance. If the public can get past the idea of the ingredients used they’d be in for a real treat and a richness that just isn’t found in regular cuts.

Chris Watson

Luxembourg Menu

Oysters Natural

Stuffed Olives

Foie Gras

Bone Marrow


Sows Ear





Luxembourg Bistro

2/157 Fitzroy St. St Kilda
Victoria 3182 Australia
All enquiries or bookings
P. +61 3 9525 4488


Atmosphere 7/10
Service 9/10
Food Quality 8/10
Presentation 8/10
Satisfaction 9/10
Total: 82%

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