Cabot Trail Oysters, Nova Scotia, Canada – July, 2013

Oysters – Cabot Trail

This past year my wife and I got married in Ingonish, Cape Breton, which is on the breathtaking Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands.  This is a beautiful part of the world with stunning coastlines, rocky beaches and fresh ocean air.  The Cabot Trail is the strip of highway that runs through the Highlands National Park and weaves itself through picturesque towns and eventually into Acadian Nova Scotia.  After our wedding we decided to drive the trail on our way back to mainland Nova Scotia.

If you’re not already aware, Nova Scotia boasts as having some of the best fresh seafood in Canada, and arguably the world.  We were soon to test this statement multiple times.

Along our drive we stumbled upon a little place that doubled as a campground and oyster farm.  Naturally we pulled in to check it out, and I was glad that we did.  We met a man who ran this establishment and to our luck, he had lots of fresh oysters for us to try.  We ordered a dozen, he shucked them on the spot and we sat outside to enjoy our little treat.

The oysters were fresh, big and reasonably priced.  The man running the place also brought out some homemade seafood cocktail sauce, lemon and horseradish.  They were awesome.  The beautiful thing about fresh fish, is that it doesn’t taste fishy.  These didn’t.  They were succulent and tasted of the sea.  Simply beautiful.  I could have eaten more, but I knew that we were heading to the Rusty Anchor for lunch, so I resisted, but they were damn good.

If you’re ever in Atlantic Canada and have the opportunity to buy fresh seafood from fishermen, do it.  You will not regret your decision.  It’s almost always fresh, quality and cheaper than the supermarket.  Go ahead, indulge a little.




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