Radio Mexico Review – St. Kilda – Australia

Radio Mexico

Radio Mexico is a trendy Mexican joint in Melbourne’s beachside suburb, St. Kilda.   The restaurant is usually busy and they have proven to be quite popular amongst the locals.  Their menu spans across individual dishes such as tacos or burritos, but they also have larger dishes designed for sharing such as cerveche or camarones con pozole.

We were seated in an awkward corner of the restaurant that was difficult to get to which made it challenging for the serving staff to reach us.  It also seemed as if the staff depended on the restaurants popularity and they had a sense of arrogance about them.  It felt that we were just a number and not a guest.  They were there simply to supply us with food, but not to give us a real dining experience.

I decided upon the albondigas (spicy beef, pork and rice meatballs with salsa, served with green rice).    The food came out at a varying pace and my wife received and finished her tacos before my food was even brought to the table.  The tacos looked decent – soft shell corn tacos with a range of fillings, but not mind-blowing.  I was fixated on her meal in anticipation for my own.

My food eventually came.  By this point I had acquired quite a hunger, so I devoured my dish quickly, without stopping long to pick it apart.  The meal was sufficient but not completely satisfying.  The rice was plain and not overly exciting and the meatballs, whilst fairly moist and well seasoned – did not fulfill my hunger.

Due to our awkward placement in the restaurant, our wait for the food and the lack of interaction or care by the wait staff, it really detracted from the overall dining experience.  The quality of the food was above average, but they were pushing out numbers and it showed.  We left unsatisfied and went around the corner to one of the little cake shops on Auckland Street to finish up.

Radio Mexico, yet trendy and immensely popular, is overrated.  The location is convenient for beach goers, but the service and lack of high-test food was disappointing.  There are better Mexican eateries in and around Melbourne and I suggest branching out and trying them instead – there are more authentic experiences with higher quality food to be found.

Radio Mexico, St. Kilda

Radio Mexico, St. Kilda

Radio Mexico, St. Kilda

Radio Mexico, St. Kilda

Radio Mexico, St. Kilda

Radio Mexico, St. Kilda

Radio Mexico


Atmosphere 6/10

Service 5/10

Food Quality 7/10

Presentation 7/10

Satisfaction 5/10

Total: 60%

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